USB Power Delivery by ZMI : taking a look at a ZMI Powerplug Turbo 45W USB Type-C PD Wall Charger en

By dodge_911 on dinsdag 26 juni 2018 07:00 - Comments (4)
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Taking a look at a ZMI Powerplug Turbo 45W USB Type-C PD Wall Charger (AD03Z) sent to me by ZMI USA for this video. They like what I'm doing on the channel and contacted me with an offer to send me something to review...
→ Conclusion
This ZMI Powerplug Turbo 45W USB Type-C PD Wall Charger achieves and exceeds the specifications on the box. They are exceeded by a bit, I have to say, with impressive numbers! Another plus is the absence of power use in standby. It’s a nice PD charger that delivers all of the power it promises in the specs and more! I hope this will be available soon with an EU plug instead of a US one.

→ Information
This ZMI Powerplug Turbo 45W USB Type-C PD Wall Charger was sent to me courtesy of ZMI USA for the making of this video. Thanks ZMI! The support is dearly appreciated!
This charger is available for purchase on Amazon by using the link below.
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Fancy Schmancy USB Power monitor #3 : WEB- U3MFI USB Power Monitor en

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In today's video I'll be taking a look at yet another fancy new USB Power Meter, this time from an unknown brand :). No really, can't find a brand for this UPM.
It is another useful tool in my growing collection of meters, mainly because it has a Lightning port and very nice MFi-checking function for testing Lightning cables.

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No in-car line-in/aux/bt? No problem! Testing a Xiaomi Roidmi 3S smart car charger en

By dodge_911 on vrijdag 15 juni 2018 19:31 - Comments (0)
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A couple of weeks ago I received a Xiaomi Roidmi 3S smart car charger from GearBest to make a video.
It's a combo of an FM transmitter and a BlueTooth audio receiver, so you can pipe your music via BlueTooth over FM to your car stereo; really nice when your car stereo doesn't have a line-in. But, I'm not going to focus on that side of the product, plenty of videos and reviews that show how to use it. I want to know how this kajigger performs regarding output. It's also the first 12V 'cigarette lighter'-powered device I test.
So, let's find out what's what...

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Fuhgeddaboudit! Right!? (Poll, sort of...) en

By dodge_911 on dinsdag 12 juni 2018 00:25 - Comments (64)
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So, long story short, the old posts are back.
It's too nice of an archive of information (and a bitch to repost elsewhere }> )

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[UPDATE : Strike cleared] Someone REALLY doesn't like Orico cables. en

By dodge_911 on dinsdag 5 juni 2018 08:58 - Comments (23)
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UPDATE : Strike cleared! Without any notification the strike got cleared from my channel *O*
If I can't post reviews, I'll blog, so here we go...
After all the hubbub on TweakBlogs, I've got Youtube issues.

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