Niko Smart USB charger on the bench en

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And now for something sourced locally this time : in today's video I'm putting a Niko PM420 0051 Smart USB charger an anonymous viewer dropped off through its' paces on the bench. Our mystery man wanted to know if the specs were true. So I thought I'd oblige him :)
→ Conclusion
This Niko 420-00510 Smart USB Charger performs nicely.
Not too much overhead on the specs, but total output is available on a single port, which I like.
Another nice feature is the power usage in standby, which is none, kind of important with a product connected to mains power 24/7. It does what it promises on the box, so I can't complain.

→ Information
This Niko PM420 0051 Smart USB charger was dropped off by a local viewer for the making of this video. Thanks mystery man! The support is dearly appreciated!

This charger is available for purchase at your local installation shop.
➤ Product link @ manufacturer's website :

Fancy Schmancy USB Power monitor #4 : ChargerLab Power-Z KM001 USB Power Monitor en

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In today's video I'll be taking a look at another USB Power Monitor from Chargerlab.
I had the same problem with this as with some of the others : there is a manual, but it's translated very poorly so I had to try and figure it out on my own. That took quite a long time :)
But let's see what this thing can do in the video below :
→ Review notes & conclusion
I like this UPM, but the lack of a decent manual really bothers me. Some of the functions aren't very clear to me, and are not as self-explanatory as with other UPM's that I have tested in the past.
The lack of support from the manufacturer is another thing that bothers me.
I am sure I have missed some things in this video.
You can also connect this UPM to a Windows PC, unfortunately, my testing nettop (& only wintel box)
can't run the app. I really need to upgrade to something that can run a recent version of Windows.
It's clearly a nice piece of equipment, but it is let down somewhat by what is stated above.

→ Information
This ChargerLab Power-Z KM001 USB Power Monitor was sent to me by BangGood for this video.
This charger is available for purchase on BangGood by using the link below.
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