Taking a look at a WITRN-X-MFi USB Power Monitor. en

By dodge_911 on maandag 11 maart 2019 18:00 - Comments (0)
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The good folks over at BangGood sent another UPM my way for a video; a WITRN-X-MFi USB Power Monitor. With a 128*160 pixel full colour screen this is the 'biggest-screened' UPM I have in the arsenal at the moment. Ideal for my kind of videos. Special feature on this UPM is the ability to check MFi-certification for things with Lightning connectors. Another very useful feature for my videos...
Combine that with the most complete protocol analysys I have seen until now, and this might well be the most complete UPM in my collection. Check out the video below if you want to learn more about this WITRN-X-MFi.
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