Taking a look at a 100MHZ UT50N Dual Channel USB Power Monitor en

By dodge_911 on zondag 7 april 2019 20:30 - Comments (4)
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BangGood sent me another UPM to take a look at.
This time they sent me a 100MHZ UT50N Dual Channel UPM.
It sports a 320 by 240 pixel colour TFT screen, knocking the UPM from the previous post for biggest display in my collection. It features dual micro-usb and Type-C inputs, and dual USB-A and Type-C outputs, hence the dual channel name.
It has a very nice graphing function that really takes advantage of the large screen as its party-piece.
Check out the video below if you'd like to know a little more about this UT50N Dual Channel UPM.
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