Taking a look at a WITRN-X-MFi USB Power Monitor. en

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The good folks over at BangGood sent another UPM my way for a video; a WITRN-X-MFi USB Power Monitor. With a 128*160 pixel full colour screen this is the 'biggest-screened' UPM I have in the arsenal at the moment. Ideal for my kind of videos. Special feature on this UPM is the ability to check MFi-certification for things with Lightning connectors. Another very useful feature for my videos...
Combine that with the most complete protocol analysys I have seen until now, and this might well be the most complete UPM in my collection. Check out the video below if you want to learn more about this WITRN-X-MFi.
➤ Product link : https://bit.ly/2Sdy3DT (referral)
➤ No coupon code for this one but it's in promo right now; you'll get 6$ off when you add it to your basket.
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USB Type-C Power Monitor : Chargerlab Power-Z KM001C

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In today's video we'll be taking a look at a Chargerlab Power-Z KM001C USB Type-C Power Monitor I got sent by the manufacturer for this video.

I made a video on the predecessor of this UPM, the KM001, in which I bitched and moaned about the lack of a decent manual. That was back in April and I had tried to contact the manufacturer for some help with this several times with no reply from them, starting at the beginning of March.

In December the manufacturer had hired someone to take care of all overseas affairs and I was contacted with an apology and an offer to test this new KM001C, which I gladly accepted.
There's still no decent manual however, and my contact over there has already left the company, so this video will serve as kind of a makeshift manual for the time being.

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➤ Haven't found any links that sell the UPM for a decent price, so you'll have to do some sleuthing for a good priced unit.

Wireless charging powerbank - BlitzWolf BW-WP1 10.000mAh on the bench en

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The team over at BlitzWolf was nice enough to send me their latest powerbank, the BlitzWolf BW-WP1, a 10.000mAh dual usb powerbank with a wireless charging pad built-in!
Let's find out if this powerbank performs up to spec.
Kinda curious about the wireless charging portion of it...
→ Review notes
Let’s start off with performance regarding output current : all of the manufacturers’ specifications are met and well exceeded. Charging the powerbank using the Type-c port is over an hour faster than when using the micro-usb port for charging. The output capacity using the USB-A port is about 13% off of what is specified, the output capacity using the Type-C port does a little bit worse at 20% off.
Still acceptable numbers though. And then there’s the wireless charging portion : that’s about 34% off of what is specified. I can’t compare to other data yet, but I suspect there are some/a lot of losses going on with/in wireless charging. Passthrough charging is not advised, but possible. This powerbank can not be used as a sort of UPS, whenever power is (dis)connected the powerbank will reset, interrupting its output.
A big thank you to Blitzwolf for sending me this powerbank!
Thanks for the continued support, guys!

→ Conclusion
This BlitzWolf BW-WP1 performs well in all of my tests.

I like the addition of wireless charging capability, but it has to be noted that placement of your device is very important for getting the maximum current this powerbank can offer wirelessly. If you need the wireless charging functionality, I ‘d definitely recommend taking a look at this BlitzWolf BW-WP1.

→ Information
➤ Product link @ BangGood : http://bit.ly/2PWvM2O (referral)
➤ Coupon code '12blitzw' gives you a bit of a discount (probably works on all BlitzWolf stuff at BangGood)
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➤ Google sheets doc for comparison : http://bit.ly/drpbcc

Truely Wireless bluetooth earphones : QCY-T1 Pro en

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A couple of months ago I received one of the last packages courtesy of BangGood; it contained QCY's latest True Wireless bluetooth earphones : a pair of brand spanking new T1 Pro's. After having tested their predecessors to these (and having used them for quite some time) I was very curious about them, so I did the usual unboxing thing and also ran a charging test with them and a runtime test in the video below :

→ Conclusion
I love that they are truly wireless and I like the magnetic system that is used to keep the earphones in the charging case while charging. This is a big improvement over the previous ones which had a tendency to pop out of their charging holes and thus not make contact with the charging pogo pins, leaving you either with an uncharged earbud, or randomly connecting to your phone whenever it lost contact with the charging pins and thus turned on. Not with these, I'm happy to report. Another big improvement is the ease of pairing them with your phone and to each other. That could be a little troublesome with the previous model. About the sound of them I 'm quite happy, they're clear and quite loud if needed and don't show any distortion at volume. The fit in my ears is also excellent, thanks to the extra 'earhook'. One little niggle I have with them is that the entire top is actually a button and sometimes it's a little too sensitive to the touch, pausing playback.

→ Information
These QCY-T1 Pro's are available for purchase at BangGood.
➤ Product link @ BangGood : https://goo.gl/j3h9zV (referral)
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Special (USB Power) Delivery : Passmark PM110 USB Power Delivery Tester en

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A little while ago I got to emailing with the folks at Passmark Software about this particular product.
They were very awesome and sent me a review unit free of charge, as long a I'd pay for any duties incurred. It was a generous offer that I gladly accepted, it's a pricey bit of kit!
A couple of weeks later I made this video :
→ Conclusion
This is a very very nice piece of kit if you need to do some heavy duty USB PD testing; it can handle up to 100W of power, so you can test some quite powerful devices safely. I like the ability to control it from a computer as well as use it standalone. It's a welcome addition to my arsenal of testing gear!
A big thank you to Passmark Software for sending me their USB PD tester for the making of this video.
Thanks for the support!

→ Information
This charger is available for purchase at Passmark Software.
➤ Product link @ manufacturer's website : http://bit.ly/PMUSBPDT
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