Fuhgeddaboudit! Right!? (Poll, sort of...) en

By dodge_911 on dinsdag 12 juni 2018 00:25 - Comments (64)
Categories: Blog, FYI, YouTube, Views: 5.145

So, long story short, the old posts are back.
It's too nice of an archive of information (and a bitch to repost elsewhere }> )

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[UPDATE : Strike cleared] Someone REALLY doesn't like Orico cables. en

By dodge_911 on dinsdag 5 juni 2018 08:58 - Comments (23)
Categories: Blog, Ehm?!, FYI, YouTube, Views: 7.325

UPDATE : Strike cleared! Without any notification the strike got cleared from my channel *O*
If I can't post reviews, I'll blog, so here we go...
After all the hubbub on TweakBlogs, I've got Youtube issues.

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So long and thanks for all the fish! en

By dodge_911 on vrijdag 25 mei 2018 18:22 - Comments (42)
Categories: Blog, FYI, YouTube, Views: 8.428

Thanks for all the views and comments, Tweakblogs!
I'm moving the Dodge Reviews reviews to YouTube only, for reasons I don't really care to explain.
I have (hopefully temporarily) hidden all content here, as it probably breaks some rule or irks someone in some way.

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