Truely Wireless bluetooth earphones : QCY-T1 Pro en

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A couple of months ago I received one of the last packages courtesy of BangGood; it contained QCY's latest True Wireless bluetooth earphones : a pair of brand spanking new T1 Pro's. After having tested their predecessors to these (and having used them for quite some time) I was very curious about them, so I did the usual unboxing thing and also ran a charging test with them and a runtime test in the video below :

→ Conclusion
I love that they are truly wireless and I like the magnetic system that is used to keep the earphones in the charging case while charging. This is a big improvement over the previous ones which had a tendency to pop out of their charging holes and thus not make contact with the charging pogo pins, leaving you either with an uncharged earbud, or randomly connecting to your phone whenever it lost contact with the charging pins and thus turned on. Not with these, I'm happy to report. Another big improvement is the ease of pairing them with your phone and to each other. That could be a little troublesome with the previous model. About the sound of them I 'm quite happy, they're clear and quite loud if needed and don't show any distortion at volume. The fit in my ears is also excellent, thanks to the extra 'earhook'. One little niggle I have with them is that the entire top is actually a button and sometimes it's a little too sensitive to the touch, pausing playback.

→ Information
These QCY-T1 Pro's are available for purchase at BangGood.
➤ Product link @ BangGood : (referral)
Click it or don't click it, I don't care anymore...

[YouTube] QCY Q29 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Dual Earphones

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Omdat ik zo tevreden was over mijn QCY Q26's en toch ook graag af en toe ook in stereo draadloos van mijn podcasts wil genieten, en ik de Apple Airpods een beetje (veel) te duur vond, preorderde ik
(ja, ik bestel zelf ook nog wel eens spulletjes, hoor O-)) een paar QCY Q29 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Dual Earphones bij BangGood toen ze bij de 'new arrivals' verschenen en maakte er onderstaande video over toen ik ze éénmaal binnenhad :

Nu ook met runtime test :

Check de productpage voor een coupon :)

[Unbox] QCY "Yue" Q26 Bluetooth Earbud

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Een tijdje geleden was ik op zoek naar een low-profile bluetooth earbud.
Low-profile vanwege het feit dat ik 'm onder mijn gehoorsbescherming wilde gebruiken.
Na wat zoekwerk vond ik bij BangGood wat ik zocht : deze QCY Q26 Bluetooth Earbud/Headset.
Alleen zocht ik me elke keer rot naar dat ding, dus heb ik 'm nog 'n keer besteld, maar dan in gifgroen. Die raak ik zo snel niet meer kwijt ;)